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SPELL Version 2.0.3

SPELL (Serial Pattern of Expression Levels Locator) is a query-driven search engine for large gene expression microarray compendia. Given a small set of query genes, SPELL identifies which datasets are most informative for these genes, then within those datasets additional genes are identified with expression profiles most similar to the query set. This instance of SPELL currently contains 752 datasets representing 15475 total arrays from 576 published studies.

To use SPELL, simply enter a set of S. cerevisiae gene names (defined by SGD ) into the text box above and then click the "Search" button.

Please note that the "Filtering Results by Dataset Tags" feature simply filters the datasets for display purposes. It does not affect the SPELL search algorithm.

Need help getting started with SPELL? Check out the video tutorial. Additional help may be obtained by hovering over the help icon wherever you see it. 免费翻国外墙的app

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